Muir Windlass – repairing the Wildcat – Gypsy – Chainwheel

Repairing the Muir Wildcat Gypsy Chainwheel

Removing the galled Muir gypsy

Another good customer with an 87′ Oceanfast had a unique problem with his Muir anchor windlass. Many years ago there was a mismatch between the metric sized chain and the imperial sized gypsy chainwheel (also known as a Wildcat in North America).   The solution at the time, due to time constraints, was replacing the gypsy with an after-market gypsy (not Muir) that fit the existing chain. Unfortunately, the stainless steel gypsy was machined to fit the stainless steel Muir anchor windlass shaft without a bushing.

Within a short period of time the gypsy galled and seized to the shaft.  We were able to pull the seized unit using hydraulics and pullers from our running gear shop.

Machined and pressed  bronze bushing for Muir Windlass

Muir Windlass gypsy in the machine shop for bronze bushing installation

The final repair was an easy solution for our machine shop, Straight Line Marine, to machine and press in a bronze bushing. Good-to-go.