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Keeping your ABT Trac Stabilizers in Top Working Order

To keep your stabilizers in top working order, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance to ensure smooth sailing in rough seas. ABT Trac, one of the more popular brands, recommends changing the lower stabilizer fin seals every couple of years but at least every six years depending on use. The components on the stabilizer are constantly working except is absolute calm seas, so the wear and tear can be considerable.

Dropped Fin

When an 80-foot Limon Heesen yacht was hauled at Lauderdale Marine Center, our team at High Seas Hydraulics was tasked with changing out the lower stabilizer fin seals. We first had to drop the fins from the vessel before accessing the lower stabilizer fin seals. It is important when having this service performed on your yacht that you select a yard and a hydraulics company that has the proper tools and training to perform the job.

At High Seas Hydraulics, we believe in investing in our technicians to further hone their skills. That is why we have send some of our hydraulics technicians to ABT Trac for training on their systems. Those technicians are now Factory Trained and Certified to work on all types of ABT Trac systems.

New lower seal

After dropping the fins, we proceeded to change out the old lower stabilizer fin seals with new ones, apply motor oil, check the hoses and cylinders, then reassembling the units before sea trialing the boat to ensure everything was in proper working order.

Stabilizers are an important component in keeping your yacht comfortable and safe when encountering rough seas.

Refurbishing Hydraulics Parts for a 118-foot Yacht

When a 118-foot yacht was hauled out at Lauderdale Marine Center for a full refit including paint, our hydraulics team was called upon to refurbish some of the vessels hydraulic parts including its deck crane and side boarding ladders. After a thorough inspection, we removed the units and rebuilt them to “like new condition.” We stripped the units for paint and replaced all hydraulic hoses, cylinders and hardware. Once the other work is completed on the yacht, we will re-install the side boarding ladders and crane. The “new” side boarding ladders and deck crane will complement the look of the refitted vessel and provide years of service for future voyages.

Whether you need both Hydraulics and Running Gear Work – High Seas Delivers

When an 85-foot Ocean Alexander hauled out at Lauderdale Marine Center recently, the vessel needed repairs on both her hydraulic stabilizer systems and running gear work along with a general re-fit and painting.

The Captain hired us for the hydraulic and running gear work to streamline the process and have the work performed using a single point of contact for the job. Our team of hydraulic technicians at High Seas Hydraulics tackled the routine maintenance on the ABT Trac stabilizer systems, while our running gear mechanics at High Seas Yacht Service pulled the shafts and sent them to our machine shop, Straight Line Marine for straightening. Once the shafts were ready for re-installation, we used an optical scope to ensure precision alignment.

This Captain was on a tight deadline for launching and working with our teams gave him the peace of mind that he would be on his way on schedule. Using High Seas Hydraulics and High Seas Yacht Service for this project made perfect sense for coordination and project management to get the job done right and right on time.