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High Seas Hydraulics Adds Factory Trained and Certified on ABT•TRAC Systems to its List of Credentials

abtAt High Seas Hydraulics and High Seas Yacht Service, we take pride in the high level of service we provide our customers. One way to continue that tradition is to make sure our technicians receive the latest training on new and emerging marine systems.

We recently sent two of our hydraulics technicians to ABT•TRAC training in Rohnert Park, CA. ABT•TRAC is a leading manufacturer of world class yachting products. The Company specializes in stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, and hydraulic systems.

During the training, our technicians honed their skills on re-building bow and stern thrusters, stabilizers and other hydraulic systems. Part of the training focused on installation and service for ABT•TRAC’s STAR and ReTrac systems. STAR is an option on all of ABT•TRAC’s stabilizers and provides vessels roll stabilization while at anchor or laying to. Introduced in 2013, ReTrac is the Company’s first retractable thruster.

After completion of the training and passing a comprehensive exam, our technicians are now Factory Trained and Certified to work on all types of ABT•TRAC systems. An added bonus of the training session, our technicians arrived back at our shop with comprehensive schematics for a number of hydraulic systems.

We firmly believe that to remain a trusted partner to our customers, we must remain on the cutting edge of technology.


High Seas Hydraulics Now Factory Trained and Certified on WESMAR Hydraulic Systems

wesmar logoOn August 25 and 26, we sent two of our Hydraulics technicians to Woodinville, WA, to attend WESMAR’s annual Sales and Technical Service Training Seminar. The seminar consisted of two days of intense classroom work along with time spent on the manufacturing floor assembling, testing and operating WESMAR’s stabilizer systems, bow and stern thrusters and hydraulic systems.

WESMAR is the inventor of the dual prop counter-rotating bow thruster and the electronic gyro powered roll fin stabilizers.

Wesmar training 2 At the end of the course, our technicians were awarded with a Certificateof Achievement for Successful Completion of the Mechanical Seminar on Installation, Maintenance and Operation of Bow Thrusters, Stabilizers, and Hydraulics. They are now Factory Certified to work on WESMAR Hydraulic Systems.

“This was one of the more comprehensive training classes I have attended,” commented Jeremy Short, High Seas Hydraulics Foreman. “Not only did we have the opportunity to learn in a classroom setting, but being able to actually breakdown and rebuild the stabilizers and thrusters gave me real world experience that I can bring back to my customers.

At High Seas Hydraulics, we believe that the investments we make in our people are investments we make for our customers. We will continue seek out new courses and certifications to help guarantee we can offer our clients the best service in the industry.

High Seas Hydraulics Technicians Complete Swagelok Training


Back in July, we sent two of our technicians to a Swagelok training course. The focus of the training was on hydraulic tube fitting theory and installation and level 1 hand tube bending for hard stainless steel tubing commonly found in many hydraulic installations. Having a thorough understanding of how to bend the hard tubing and the proper installation of the fittings is critical to the success of any hydraulic installation. Without this knowledge and experience, the systems would be subject to leaking of the hydraulic fluid.

The training re-enforced for our technicians the proper method to use when bending the tubing and assembling the fittings. It also covered topics including the proper method of tightening fittings on the tube and crimping.

Swagelok also provided our team with its Gap Inspection Gauge, a Dual-Tip Marker and a comprehensive Tube Fitter’s Manual.  While bending hard tubing and assembling the proper fittings in the right way may seem like a simple process, when done wrong can lead to dire consequences at the end of the project.

No process is overlooked or disregarded at High Seas Hydraulics, that is why we subject ourselves to rigorous training from simple processes to complex re-building of hydraulic systems.