Rebuilding Hydraulic Cylinders – Always Get a Bench Test

IMG_00000117 pump

30 HP Hydraulic Cylinder test pump.

The rebuild of your hydraulic cylinder just isn’t finished until you know for sure it has been bench tested.

Here at High Seas Hydraulics we have a 30 horsepower pump and no rebuild ever leaves our shop without getting it’s final test.  Your cylinder is bolted to the workbench and the piston fully extended. In this position our requirement is that it hold at 2,500 PSI for 10 straight minutes with no leaks, by-passing or any movement at all. Then we do it all over again in various retracted positions.

Cylinder undergoing bench test with piston partly extended.

Cylinder undergoing bench test with piston partly extended.

A normal working load for a marine hydraulic cylinder is around 200 PSI. If it passes our test at 2,500 PSI, we know it will pass any test you will give it while running off shore.

Quality control and a tough test are both equally important for us to make the commitment to you that the job is done right the first time.