One Stop Service for Multiple Projects on your Yacht

Having a machine shop, Straight Line Marine; a running gear shop, High Seas Yacht Service and a dedicated hydraulics business, High Seas Hydraulics under one roof at Lauderdale Marine Center really pays off for our customers who are in need of running gear and hydraulics work done on their boats while they are hauled in the yard.

Hose coupling being attached according to specifications.

Hose coupling being attached according to specifications.

We just completed work on a 73 foot Palmer Johnson Sport Fisher – a very unique vessel. The NAIAD Stabilizer System required a complete rebuild from replacing the bearings to new seals, hoses and cylinders. We were able to take advantage of our specialized capabilities in the hydraulics shop to make the new hydraulic hoses with our Parker crimping equipment. We have the ability to make hydraulic hoses up to 1-1/4 inches in diameter. We were also able to re-build and stress test the hydraulic cylinders with the help of Straight Line Marine.

We also performed basic running gear service on this boat, removing and straightening the shafts in our machine shop and replacing the Lasdrop Dripless Shaft Seal system using our mechanics at High Seas Yacht Service.

Our customers have come to rely on the High Seas family of companies for one stop shopping to get the job done right in a timely and efficient manner.