Archive | April 16, 2014

Hydraulic Accumulators Part Two – Re-installation of the Units

Earlier this month, we posted an article on the work we were doing on a hydraulic accumulator system aboard a 65M (213 foot) Palmer Johnson Yacht.  As mentioned in the previous post, part of the job required us to relocate five of the eight accumulator tanks.  We also had to run all new stainless steel tubing to re-connect the system to accommodate the new layout.

Hydraulic Accumulator Tank wall mounted to bulkhead

Hydraulic Accumulator Tank wall mounted to bulkhead

This job required us to do some creative bracketing fabrication work since we ran out of room to install all eight accumulator tanks in a very tight machinery space.  To further complicate the matter, each tank weighs around 180lbs. when full, so this too needed to be taken into account when designing and fabricating the units.

As seen in the images in this post, one of the tanks was wall-mounted and bolted to the bulkhead while others were installed “condo” fashion, stacked one above the other.

"Condo" fashion mounting

“Condo” fashion mounting

Although the space was extremely tight and hard to work in, with a little ingenuity we were able to redesign, refurbish and relocate the hydraulic accumulator system to function in the space allotted and provide back-up power to the hydraulics for this yacht should they ever need it.